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Here in southern Arizona we have been lucky enough to be able to get
blueberries for the amazing price of 3 pints for $1.  The sale won't
last forever, but while they are so cheap I've been stocking up.  In the
past week we have had FF blueberry pancakes, and a great cobbler recipe
from the archives.  Not to mention fresh berries on cereal and FF ice
cream!  I am hoping that someone out there has more blueberry ideas to

Also wanted to thank the person who posted the Fast Minestrone recipe -
we had it for dinner last night and it was excellent!  Not to mention
incredibly easy.

I tried doing a web search for "passata" and all the results came back
in Italian!  It does sound like crushed tomatoes, though.  Maralyn,
don't get discouraged because some of us need help with different
recipes.  I'm sure it goes both ways sometimes!