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Egg-Substitute, Flavor Source, Buttermilk

I am a new subscriber to this list.
I know I was warned to be quiet for a while and just read, but I will take a chance.

The egg substitute I like is called Ener-G Egg Replacer.  Perhaps it's the same one referred to as it contains mostly potatoe flour, tapioca powder , leavening(calcium lactate-not dairy derived,calcium carbonate),and carbohydrate gum.  It is only 10 Cal per tsp.  I use 2TBS per egg which works well and 2TBS is only 60 Cal. Like eating a potatoe.

On Buttermilk Powder.  I keep some regular on hand. It is only 1.5 gram per cup of mixed up liquid buttermilk. I would imagine Fat-free could exist somewhere as buttermilk is what is left after the butter has been taken out of the milk.( I use regular rice milk most of the time and add 1tsp of vinegar to the milk--gives the same flavor.)

In fact to make the best buttermilk pancakes you've ever tasted, use the egg-sub and the vinegar sub.  They are great tasting because of the potatoe flour.

Flavorings:  Frontier Herbs Coop,3021 78th St., PO Box299, Norway, IA 5238, (800)669-3275
              Not sure if they have Peanut flavor,but they have alot of others.  Then there is the Company
	called the Spicery Shop Flavorings, I have no address on them.

I hope this helps.  I have been into Health Foods for 30 years, Health food Co-ops for 10 years and MCDougall diet for 2 years to let you know where I'm coming from.

Cathy  ( e-mail is W7SP@xxxxxxxxx)