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Greeting to All,

I have been lurking in this list for some time but this 
is my first posting. 

I have a question which is ...

Does anybody have a recipe for Japanese Style Curry?

Let me explain what I mean.

In both Japan and Korea one can buy a simple meal in
restaurants simply called "CURRY RICE". This consists
mostly of rice topped with a delicious golden to dark brown 
(depending on the restaurant) curry flavoured sauce similar
in texture to a thick gravy. The curry flavour is need not be
too hot (i.e. spicy). This curry sauce/gravy contains pieces 
of several vegetables and usually some kind of meat.
Of course one does not need the meat so I have often
made such curry from prepackaged sauces by simply
leaving out the meat and adding more vegetables. I find
shitake mushrooms wonderful in this regard.

The problem is with the prepackaged sauces. The 
Japanese versions (available in North America) are
usually in the form of golden coloured blocks similar
in shape and texture to chocolate. Like chocolate
however these blocks have large amounts of fat
in them (usually animal fat).

Since I live in Korea I use Korean style versions 
which are powdered but also contain large
amounts of fats (usually non-animal origin). I love
the taste of this kind of curry but don't want all 
of that fat, animal or plant. I would really like to
have a fatfree recipe for a similar sauce.

Does anybody have such a recipe?


Barry Savage