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This is in response to Jeremy's request on eggplant info.  I NEVER salt my
eggplant, and I NEVER have a bitter one.  I've never had a problem with them
being bitter unless I let it sit in my fridge and it softens and turn brown.  I
think they are one of the most versatile veges because they take on flavor from
everything else.  I use them in moussaka, lasagna, stir fries and dips.  If you
just slice and roast them in the oven until they are brown on both sides, they
take on a wonderful flavor of their own.  Then, once you do that, you can use
them in many of the above dishes.  To be good, though, I do think you have to
precook them, and I preferably roast them.  They are kind of like mushrooms that
way...if you just throw in raw mushrooms into a dish, they tend not to be as
nice a consistancy or flavor.  They are also great on pizza, or in sandwiches,
again after roasting.  Hope this helps! Karen