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Re: COMPLETE list of 'Fat Free' products

Hi Kate:

You wrote:
>I can't follow the link-outdated, incorrect or my server won't let me
>have it.  Any ideas?

The link you were referring to, was from Lynne who wrote:
and this was referring to a site which lists a complete list of "non fat"

Being as precise as the internet 'has to be', there was a very small error
in the address. The correct address is http://www.nofat.com/Shoppage.htm Can
you see the small error..... The capitalized S in Shoppage.

For your info in the future, when ever you try a link that doesn't work,
always try the 'root directory'. In this case as in all cases, the root
directory is the name up to the first /. In this case it's;
http://www.nofat.com/ Which incidentally is probably worth looking at as

Hope this helps,

David Siscoe
Exercise Specialist