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Marinated, Baked Tofu

Jed asked about marinated baked tofu.  I, too, have just discovered this
product in the HFS and although it is pricey, it is absolutely delicious.
 I've tried the plain baked tofu, also a variety where the block of tofu
is slit and stuffed with brown rice & herbs of some sort.  I've been
eating tofu for a while now, and never thought I'd say I love it, but
this stuff is fantastic.  The texture (not the flavor!)  is more like
that of mozzarella cheese than tofu.   I'd love to learn to make my own,

Also, right now, I've got a package of something called "Caribbean
Organic Tofu" sitting on my kitchen counter.  It is made by SoyBoy, and
the label says it is the authentic jerk flavor of Jamaica & the West
Indies.  I don't know if it is baked, but it is ready to eat. I just
sliced off a chunk and it is great.  Any ideas on how to duplicate this

Thanks in advance, 

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