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Whistlin' Dixie again

Hi, all,

This Dixie thread is like a boomerang!  Just keeps coming back.  ;)

As I recall, the consensus was to rehydrate the products and then let them
sit, either in the fridge or just waiting around in the pan for you to get
around to using it.    A complete cooling down somehow firms it up and I did
find that to be true, personally.  I used it in a 'beef' stroganoff with
garlic, mushrooms, silken tofu, nutritional yeast and wine vinegar over pasta,
the ground 'beef' in chili and a tomato sauce-pasta-veggie casserole and also
a tamale pie-ish thing with salsa, polenta, spices and corn.  The 'chicken'
was used in chicken salad, chicken nuggets and General Tso's chicken.  Worked
out well for me, although there's no question with the 'beef' that it just
isn't and my kids still ask me to buy the real thing.  If you rehydrate the
chicken in fatfree chicken stock there really is very little difference.