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Re: help

Try some udon or spelt macaroni salad for lunch made with fat free
italian dressing and fresh veggies. stuffed tomatos are wonderful.
You can have rice or corn cereal with soy milk. A lot of things that
you normally eat on bread or crackers can be eaten alone or with
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From: Jennifer Johnson <msgirl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: fatfree@xxxxxxxxxxx <fatfree@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tuesday, June 22, 1999 1:19 AM
Subject: help

Today my allergist here told me that I have to go three weeks
without any
dairy, wheat, or eggs.  I have already reduced my dairy and eggs to
nothing, but the thought of no bread is terrifying to me.  Breads
are a
major part of my diet, even though I have been told that I would
weight if I quit eating so much of it.

I really have no idea what to cook or eat without bread.  I usually
cereal or breakfast bars in the morning, and I take sandwiches for