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arrowroot cookies

In response to my request for a recipe for arrowroot cookies, several
people kindly wrote to me to point out the babies and children need fat in
their diet.  I do know this, but it's always good in these fat-is-evil days
to be reminded. What I was really hoping for was a vegan recipe because I'd
like to keep my baby off of dairy products awhile longer yet.  (I'm nursing
him so he should be getting adequate fat and everything else via me.)

If I may continue this off-topic digression a moment longer, I'm wondering
what others have done about feeding fat to children.  Are some fats
healthier than others?  One hears a lot about olive oil these days, but I
wonder how applicable its benefits are to children.  Can children get
adequate fat from fatty foods like tofu and avocados or do they need
refined oils in their diet?  Any advice, suggested readings, or email lists
would be appreciated.