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RE: arrowroot cookies

I wish I could quote the sources directly, but I can't.
The most current medical findings, however, does indicate that even growing
children, after the age of 2, do not need added fat to their diets.  The
keyword here is "added."
There's enough naturally occurring fat in a good, balanced diet.
The old beliefs that growing children or women in general need extra fat are
no longer applicable with what Americans eat today.
It's similar to the ADA-sponsored indoctrination/beliefs that children need
milk for calcium, when it's been proved they're better off to get their
calcium from nondairy sources, that would remain untainted from BGH or free
of saturated fat.
Perhaps this will help you with your choices for your baby.  You have a
chance to teach him good things, unlike those of us raised on chemicals like
Shake-a-puddin' or Space Food Sticks and Tang. <S>
Good luck,