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Someone posted the fact that Italian gelato was fat free!  Oh no- lots of egg
yolks and cream in gelato.  It is VERY rich!  Maybe the poster meant Italian
Ice which is the same as sorbet.  You can get fruit flavors and Haagan-Daz
makes a chocolate and vanilla sorbet that are both non-fat.

Another great non-fat frozen delight is Gise.  It is a soft-serve product and
hard to find.  It is only 9 cal per oz (compared to 20-30 cal per oz for most
nonfat frozen yogurts).  So a POUND of the stuff only has about 150 calories-
amazing!  It comes in many yummy flavors including my favorite: Triple
Chocolate Overload.  You can find it in independent soft serve places (ie not
Baskin Robins, Ben&Jerry's etc....).  I wrote to the company (based in San
Diego- sorry I don't have the address any more) and got a list of places in
my area that sold it.

A great way to cool down in the summer heat!
Pam D