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Re: Pressing Tofu

When I buy White Wave Low-Fat Firm Tofu, Chinese Style, it is packed in
water which then needs to be drained out.  Perhaps you are referring to
Japanese style tofu which is not water packed.

Here are some definitions from a Vegetarian Times magazine:

Tofu (TOH-foo): White, easily digestible curd made from cooked soybeans and
sometimes grains.  High in protein.  Comes in Japanese-style silken tofu in
10 1/2-oz. shelf-stable aseptic packages or Chinese-style in 12-, 14- and
16-oz. water-packed tubs in the refrigerated section of markets.  Tofu
comes in soft, firm and extra-firm styles as well as fat-reduced, smoked
and marinated, baked flavors.

Tofu, silken: White, easily digestible curd made from cooked soybeans.
Silken tofu is Japanese-style and milder in flavor and higher in protein
than regular Chinese-style tofu. Silken tofu is available firm or soft in
10 1/2-oz. shelf-stable aseptic packages.


At 10:24 AM 1/25/00 -0800, you wrote:
>In our local store there is a variety of tofu, soft, medium and firm.
Could you
>help me understand why one would press it if it already offered
commercially? I
>understand the price increases along with the firmness of the tofu; is
price the
>only consideration for pressing your own?