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Unidentified subject!

I've got a couple of questions.  I noticed someone a
couple of posts back asked for questions about how to
get the most protein for breakfast.  Sorry if I missed
any posts about it, but I didn't think I saw any.  I
have also heard it is a good time to get a lot of
protein.  I do not eat eggs, but I do eat dairy, so I
was curious to see people's suggestions.  I can
suggest a few things with that in mind: cottage cheese
on whole wheat toast, quinoa (which is my next
question) I believe is a good source of protein and
you can eat it like cream of wheat or oatmeal sort of,
low fat peanut butter on bananas or whole wheat toast
again (I go for the bread with the most protein), and
you can always do yogurt - again if you are not vegan.
My second question is: I have bought a bag a quinoa. 
It is unflavored and said it has been washed but I
washed it in a colander anyway.  Wow, did it ever
still tast bitter, I could hardly eat it.  Any
suggestions?  I don't want to wash away all the
protein or nutrients, which is my whole point in
eating it (because I find rice easier to cook!)  If
anyone has any suggestions, I'd be greatly
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