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Hi Andy,
The spelling above is from Julia Child's "Way To Cook" - page 297 with the
following explanation. "The mirepoix is one of fine cooking's great
inspirations, an all-purpose flavor-enhancer made of finely diced and
sauteed carrots and onions, and often celery and h*m. Used in sauces, with
braised vegetables like celery, or with ch**ken breasts poached in bu**er,
it imparts that real 'je ne sais quoi' of sophistication to anything it is
associated with. You may want to triple or quadruple the recipe, since
mirepoix keeps nicely in the freezer."

MIREPOIX: Diced Aromatic Vegetables  ----   Adapted

For 1/4 to 1/3 cup

1/4 cup each finely diced onions and carrots, and celery ,too, if you wish
2 Tbs. bu**er  (Substitute vegetable broth or wine)
1/8 tsp. thyme

In a small covered saucepan, cook the diced vegetables slowly in broth or
wine, adding the thyme after 5 minutes; continue for another few minutes,
until the vegetables are tender but not browned. Season lightly to taste,
and set aside.
Interesting - n'est pas? Bet you didn't know your cooking was sophisticated!

Patty in AZ