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Re: Yes, I threw it out...and cans

Hello...If possible in the future try and buy cans with the
white lining.  Especially when it is an acid food.  Also,
when EDTA is listed as an ingredient, that means lead
solder had been used as that is supposed to counteract
any reaction.  I do not remember where I read this, but
I subscribe to Veg Times and Veggie Life and Organic
Gardening and the Vegerarian Resource Group, among
others, so was probably from one of those sources.


> Thank you for all your input. I also appreciate the information on
> mirepoix! I thought it was a pronounced and spelled miraquoix or
> miraquoix. Good to know. I am somewhat Spanish word oriented and should
> have realized it was a French term and spelling.
> I tasted about a 1/2 cup of beans that I microwaved for 8 minutes. I
> thought I was on some kind of L.S.D. trip...didn't get sick but didn't
> feel too good to me. So out they went...down the disposal. Now to throw
> out the other 4 cans in the larder and replace on a needed basis rather
> than ahead of time.
> Thanks again to all.
> andy
> scooter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> P.S. I'll post the recipe separately in order to keep it from being
> "tarnished" with this cook's poor choice of old stored canned tomato
> puree. Don't do it! Buy fresh, rotate your larder stock, or buy on a as
> needed basis. I have this thing about not able to plan. Ah well.