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Yummy Potatoes--Thanks!

RubyTues59 posted this recipe back on March 1.  I made it last night, and it
was YUMMY!  Can't wait for lunchtime so I can eat leftovers....

Sister's Potatoes

4-5 potatoes peeled and chopped into chunks
1 med onion , chopped
5oz firm tofu, crumbled up
a big handful of chopped fresh cilantro
some dried basil,and some dried oregano
1 large tomato, chopped
salt and pepper
garlic, I use 1 good size clove, minced

In a sprayed fry pan, add basil and oregano, then garlic and onions and
cilantro. Saute for a few mins or so with a bit of added water. Next add
potato chunks and tofu. Cover until potatoes are fork tender. Add tomato,
salt and pepper to taste, cover back up for a few more mins. Sometimes I top
with soy cheddar. This is one of my favorites for breakfast.

Serves: 2 or so
Preparation time: 30 mins

 From Sally

Ruth's notes: as a non-cilantro-love, I substituted fresh parsley, and also
used fresh basil as I had it on hand.  Added these, chopped, sometime after
the lid went on.  In the absence of a large-enough fresh tomato
(tomato-lovers, here) I used a can of sliced stewed tomatoes, juice and all
(the juice for the sauteing).  Topped with grated soy cheddar and
mozzarella.  This was delicious, and a definite keeper!  Thanks!


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