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RE: The olive question

I, too, love olives, Donna!!
Unfortunately, we grow up (especially those of us in the Midwest! <G>)
eating only those black olives we stick on our fingers, and green, stuffed
olives.  That's all we know, so we tend to think that's all there is!
Remember learning there were more kinds of mustards than French's?

I'm sure Donna would agree with me that there's nothing like beautiful
cracked olives, or tangy calmata olives.  An olive in a red sauce adds
punch, where an olive in a salad with sun dried tomatoes or sweet red
roasted pepper would offer another. Then there's just some olives with good,
fat, Italian bread and a class of wine.  MMMmmMmmMmMmMM.

Olives can be fearful, because they're definitely strong in taste -- if
they're not the pasteurized black things we get in cans in America.  But
take a nibble.  Then have a bite of bread, or a delicious cracker with some
hummus or a tad of gorgonzola cheese.
No one said you have to stick the whole thing in your mouth at ones, either!
Start small and experiment with the different types.  Buy a couple of
calmattas, dice the meat and try those on the pizza at home.  Olives don't
have to be a big investment, either.  But I'll bet you'll become addicted.

an olive bar... Donna, you lucky soul!
(A Born & Raised -- but exported -- Michigander)