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Re: Kelly's inquiry about Pumpkin Pie and liquid egg substitutes

Kelly, if you'd like to save a few bucks, rather than going out and buying 
Egg Beaters or Smart Eggs, the next time you're at a Wal-Mart or Target 
Store, you might look for an egg separator.  Some supermarkets sell them, 
too.  What you do is, you crack a raw egg, and carefully dump the egg onto 
the separator, which you rest on a small glass or bowl or whatever; the 
separator will keep the yolk from falling into the glass or bowl, and voila! 
you've got one perfectly good egg white!  And, remember, when cooking, for 
every 1 whole egg, use 2 egg whites.  Also, make very, VERY sure you cook 
those egg whites.  If you don't cook them, the avidin in the whites 
eventually can lead to a biotin deficiency - but don't worry, because cooking 
the white kills the avidin.