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Re: help w/ preparation..lentil rice loaf

Hello...These loaves are very good.  I always keep one on hand in
the freezer.  They microwave wonderfully, and are just the right amount
for our family of 5.  Cold, they slice well and make a good not-meat
loaf sandwich with catsup and horseradish.

We usually have ours with a vegetable and salad and a homemade
mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes.  I wouldn't think you would
have to do a thing for it for Thanksgiving.  Just eat it with all the
that are there that would fit your dietary choices.  It is best with some

form of sauce over it, I will tell you that.  Otherwise, you may find
it dry.  I make a mushroom sauce...canned mushrooms, wine for
flavor, flavor with Frontier Seasonings beef free broth powder,
or I suppose you could use a ff mushroom soup.

Happy Thanksgiving...Elizabeth

> i bought a frozen natural touch lentil rice loaf for thansgiving.. my
> family is carniverous and i bring my own meat-supplement dish in place
> of it; usually i bring enough for everybody to try it.
> i am wondering if anybody has any ideas on how to turn it into an
> interesting entree, and not just a freay vegetarian loaf. :)
> thank you!
> jaime.