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Hi everyone... I have a question.  I enjoy eating (actually, LOVE it)
Japanese/Asian foods.  One of the dishes at the Asian Garden that I like to
visit is pork dumplings (to put in the won ton soup, perhaps?).  I don't
want the pork, but I love the dough-y dumplings.  I always put several on
my plate, tear out the inside with the hunk of meat, pepper it, and gulp!
Anyway, I'm wondering how to make my own.  Do I simply buy won-ton wrappers
or something and cook them?  How do you prepare those?  Or can anyone give
me ideas for rolling out my own dough?   I would like to use some ww flour
instead of just white for nutrition; I make pizza crusts with a mixture of
blended-up spinach and ww flour... wonder if I could try the "dumplings"?
How do you make dumplings?  Roll the dough thin and then boil?  How long?
If anyone can help, I'd love it.  Thanks, everyone!