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RE: BK veggie burger

Heh, I think Subway might have something to say about the "first veggie burger available nationally at a quick service restaurant chain" line...

10g of fat is still horrendous, though I admit it beats 39 hands down... Is that for the entire sandwich (including low-fat mayo), or just for the veggie burger itself, do you know?


At 08:10 PM 4/3/02 -0800, you wrote:
Here's the press release on the Burger King website:

From what I have read, the Veggie has 10 g fat and 330 calories, as compared to the 600+ calories and 39 g of fat of the Whopper. I've also heard conflicting stories about whether it's cooked on a different grill from the animal burgers. Sounds like it depends
on the particular restaurant.

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> Hi,
> I understand that Burger King is now offering a Veggie Burger on their menu.
> Does anyone know how I could find out about the fat content and other
> nutritional info about it. The BK web site has no info at all.
> thanks,
> Stan

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