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clay pot cooking

i haven't seen anyone mention clay pot cooking since i began 
receiving this list.  my boss at work let me borrow her big clay pot 
to see if i liked using it, but i have no idea what to cook in it!  
she also let me borrow 2 cookbooks that have all sorts of m**t 
recipes in them, but hardly any veggie recipes.  one of the books 
even has bread recipes, but i have no idea if her pot is big enough 
to bake bread in.  do any of you own a clay pot, and if so, what do 
you cook in it?  i know you have to soak it for 30 minutes before you 
put in the oven, because it basically steams the food inside.  the 
bottom of the pot is not deep enough to do a stew, so that's out.  
please help!  thanks!
amy campbell-smith