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Re: email adverts

Saron sent this to the list (in part). I am replying via the list, 
because I want to  *publicly defend* our excellent Michelle Dick and her 
invaluable list.
> Did anyone receive the following?
> >> Dear Saron,
> >> 
> >> We manufacture and distribute ALL NATURAL, VEGETARIAN, .......
> >>  free of WHEAT/GLUTEN/MSG. Most of them are LOWFAT/VEGAN. 
(I have shortened this - why give them another freebie!)
> This was sent to me personally, but I have a hunch (being food related)
> that my address was picked up here.

I didn't get one, and to date I have not received any *spamming* of 
this nature which I could honestly say may have been picked up off 
the list.

>  Is there any way to put a halt to this
> stuff?  Junk mail is enough in my 'snailmail box', and I'm sure you all
> agree it's not too pleasant to get by email.

Normally the Subject line is an indication that it is *spamming*. 
Without even opening it, hit the DEL key.
Or return it to the sender with the word _REMOVE_ in the subject 
Or send it to the webmaster of their service provider.  (If anyone 
more info on this, email me personally)
Finally, just ignore it - I know it's irritating, but life's made up 
of irritations - just don't let them push your buttons!

Fran Watts
Ballito, South Africa

"What your mind can conceive, your body can achieve"