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Vegan bacon and other foreign substances

Hi, all,

Saw Sylvia's post for 'something like bacon' and it reminded me of the recipe
I got from Veggies Unite which is even easier and actually tastes incredibly
like bacon.  Trust me - the skeptic has spoken.

one pkg. of firm lite tofu
2T lite soy sauce or tamari
2t liquid smoke
2T nutritional yeast

Slice tofu thinly and then slice the slices in half or thirds, to approximate
bacon size.  Carefully dry fry the slices in a non-stick pan over medium high
heat 5-10 min. until somewhat crispy (NOT burnt!).  Reduce the heat to low.
 Mix the soy sauce with the liquid smoke and carefully pour over the fried
tofu slices, stirring well.  Sprinkle the yeast over the tofu and stir until
most of the liquid is gone and the yeast coats everything.  Sticky but yummy!

Then, I've seen marmite referred to before but I don't know exactly what it
is or if you can get it here in the US.  Does anyone know?  Is it the same
thing as vegemite?  I think I've seen vegemite in my local HFS.

Finally, susan.j.mcgee posted this:  << The rice sticks cook very quickly,
add a hot soybean paste or guilini garlic sauce, some steamed veggies and
dinner is ready.   >>  Okay, I've heard of dinner and steamed veggies are
familiar, but what on earth are these other things and where do you find
them???  Please forgive my silly questions.  I'm just endlessly nosey,
curious, and those kinds of words.  That's why I love Noel's occasional
nutrition/chemistry lessons.  (Thanks again, Noel.)