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Re: Non-stick frying pans

Hi Kate-

  Thanks for the input, I've never known anyone else who had heard of Scanpan
much less tried it.  I just got my 7" fry pan yesterday, $29 but I haven't had
a chance to check it out yet though I'm very impressed with it so far as far
as how comfortable the handles are, how it's made, etc.  It actually says in
the box that in the short term it may not perform as well non-stick wise as
other brands, but in the long term it will outperform them by far.  I thought
that was kind of strange given how much better it was ranked in every category
by Consumer Reports. I think the main test they did for non-stickability was
"frying" an egg.  They also tested for making sauces and this made one of the
best sauces according to them.

  Anyway, I'll let you know what I think about the non-stick quality after I
try it out this weekend.  Cost-wise I think it's less than stuff like AllClad
and Calphalon.  The 11 piece set I might get in a couple of months includes a
large frying pan, large saute pan and lid, 3 sizes of sauce pans with lids,
and a dutch oven with cover all for $320 which I thought was a pretty good
price.  Ofcourse if the non-stick coating isn't very good, then it would be a



>         I owned a scanpan about 5-7 years ago.  I bought it to go from stove
> top to oven.  It did that, but I didn't find it to be very non-stick,
> even though I was cooking things like b**f stew etc. in it back then.  I
> finally gave it to Salvation Army.  It also seemed expensive to me, like
> $100 for a maybe 6 QT. covered pan, for something that didn't perform.
> Hope you have better luck.  Maybe they've changed the way they make them
> now.


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