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I have questions concerning jicama.  I have seen it talked about in the
past.  I bought a jicama root at the store to use on salad, but I am still
not totally sure what to do with it. :)
If I am correct, you eat it raw?  Do you have to peel it?  What other salad
toppings is it good with?

BTW they did not have wheat-free bread at Harry's.  I was very
dissapointed.  However, I did find a wheat free cereal made out of millet
something....  I also bought a bag of cracker jacks. :)
Today was a rainy day and I wanted a snack.  I suddenly realized that I
could eat rice krispy treats so I went and got some.  I was going to buy an
oatmeal granola bar, but the ones where I went had wheat in them

Still determined-
Jennifer J.

PS: Thanks for the pudding recipes!  I am going to make some ASAP.