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Re: Recipes for a crowd

How about an old standby?  Spaghetti and tomato sauce.  You 
could put browned tvp chunks in the sauce.  I also like to add 
nutritional yeast to my spaghetti.  It is good for you and it adds the 
flavor that is "missing" if you don't eat cheese.  You can stir it right 
into the sauce as it is cooking.

BTW, I think this is a great idea.  Very thoughtful of you.


On 27 Mar 00, at 6:59, KMCLENDEN@xxxxxxx wrote:

> I am interested in obtaining some vegetarian recipes to use for a
> crowd (100-150) that are easy and not too labor-intensive. I am trying
> to get my church to do better things for the group suppers we have
> every week. As it is now, I fix my own and take with me in a thermos.
> That's fine for me, but I am concerned that a new generation is
> learning unhealthy eating habits. I'm not sure I could just multiply
> some of my recipes very well, although that might be my best option if
> I knew the secrets of how to do that. Any suggestions as to sources
> for techniques or recipes would be greatly appreciated. 
> Kay in Virginia