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"Good" Restaurants in DFW

I doubt if you'll find much in Hurst proper with the exception of some
chains.  "On the Border" Mexican Restaurant in Bedford or Euless (also in
Arlington and all over Dallas) has really wonderful Portobello Mushroom
fajitas also.  They are served over mixed grilled veggies and with beans and
rice.  I'm sure you can request no added fat.  Cozymel's (Arlington -
Dallas) has good veggie fajitas also (but they're not portobello mushroom).

TGI Friday's (they are also all over the place in DFW) has a couple of
really yummy meatless dishes.  One is a veggie wrap made with mushrooms,
carrots, olives and things on a tomato basil wrapper and the other is called
a "Spinach Pizzadilla" (kind of a pita bread style crust but put together
like a quesadilla and served with marinara sauce on the side for dipping).
They do both have cheese as a base so not good for vegans but Friday's also
has a steamed veggie platter which is quite nice and is served with a baked
potato and Oriental plum dipping sauce (which is to die for).

You can also get anything you want made exactly the way you want it at
Macaroni Grill.  You just ask to have whatever you want cooked without any
fat and in whatever sort of sauce you want.  They'll do whatever you request
and their rosemary foccacia bread is wonderful.  Olive Garden has good
minestrone soup and salad is really good.   

Of course these are all chains so you may be familiar with some or all of

Harrigans' (there's one in Hurst) has a good veggie pasta dish that is
meatless.  As the palate recalls, it was in a very light, fresh "red" sauce.

Dallas is a huge place and there are probably any number of good all
vegetarian places around there but I don't get over there much anymore so
I'm not familiar with any of them.  If you're in downtown Ft. Worth (not the
place to be right now but hopefully rebuilt soon) there is a place in
Sundance Square called "Ellington's" that has a Portobello mushroom salad
(also has yellow squash, zucchini and eggplant as well as button mushrooms)
that is outstanding - plus you get to hang out in Sundance which is a really
spectacular place to be.  Oh, and the Flying Saucer (which has about 100
different beers on tap) has several vegetarian items on their menu but they
are pretty much limited to sandwich type fare.  There are three of these
that I know of - one in Addison, Arlington and downtown Ft. Worth (at least
I don't think it blew away in the storm).  It's a pub style atmosphere
(don't go there if you don't like cigarette smoke) and lots of fun.  There
are probably more in Dallas but Addison is the only one I know of.  Have fun
while you're here.  There's a lot to do.

Deb in Ft. Worth, Texas