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Re: corn starch

> From: "Robin Blair" <melidee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>     Does anyone have any suggestions on how to "thicken" a sauce?  I am =
> a vegan, so I have been trying to use things like corn starch, but every =
> time I try it, the corn starch is very lumpy and doesn't dissolve well.  =
> When I can get it to dissolve, and there are no lumps, it doesn't =
> thicken!  Does anyone have a better way or any good recipes?
> Thank you so much!

To use cornstarch I would say put a little cornstarch in a cup or 
bowl, add a little of your sauce to the cup, and stir to make a thick 
paste.  Then add a little more of the sauce and stir so it's more 
soupy.  Then pour the mixture into the sauce -- it will thicken as 
you cook it.  You could also use arrowroot flour as a cornstarch 
substitute, or of course you could add things like mashed potatoes or
mashed beans depending on what your sauce was like.  Supposedly 
sassafras powder ("gumbo file") is also supposed to be a thickener, 
but I haven't experimented with it much yet.
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